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Let people retire already


I’d like to make a proposal: people should get paid more for retirement.

My granddad just injured his back, and he’s gone on long-term disability so he can heal up and go back to work. He’s young for a granddad, he’s just 60 (I’m 20, we have kids early in my family. Actually, I’m due, I guess.), but it’s hard to watch him sitting around in his chair, uncomfortable because of his back, and yet still trying every day to get healthy again to get back to work.

He shouldn’t have to. He shouldn’t have had to work so long already. He told me a few days ago that he would have left his job by now if he didn’t need it, but his mortgage isn’t up yet and he’s got to take care of himself. My grandma died a few years back, and so it’s just him. I told him to sell the house, but he’s stubborn, he wants to keep it because it reminds him of her. So, he works. Or he did. I have my doubts that he’ll go back now.

I read up on this stuff because there was a worry he’d have to sue to get paid by the disability insurance people, but after a couple of long phone calls and a bunch of documents, they gave up, and he’s getting his checks.

But I read up just in case, and I learned that most long-term disability is just for three years. That really doesn’t seem long, not to me at 20, but I bet to Grandpa it is. He’ll be 63 then, retirement age. Will they even want him back then?

And that’s assuming he’s even able to heal that quickly. I look at him now, and I just don’t see it. I have to take him to his physical therapy every other day, and when I watch him, he looks so weak and old and so so so unhappy. I just want to hug him and take him away and let him rest.

I know the physical therapy is good for him, and I think he’s making a slow improvement, but I just don’t want him going back to work. I wish there were a way for him to get enough retirement money together so he could start relaxing a little and enjoying life again like he used to.

I said at the beginning that I have a proposal, but I guess I don’t. It just doesn’t seem fair to me, to see him struggle so much. He’s a good man, I love him, he’s my favorite member of the family, and the fact he’s hurt himself so badly working when he shouldn’t need to, when he should be taking care of his grandkids and enjoying life, I just can’t stand it.

I actually offered to go to work so that he could quit after he told me about not wanting to work, but he told me to stay in school. He’s always like that, always taking care of everyone else. I just wish someone would take care of him.