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Guilt-Free Vacations for Pet Owners


Pet owners are a special breed of people. Rather than just being required to take care of themselves and their families, these people have decided they’d also like to be responsible for the lives of random animals. The trade-off doesn’t seem quite fair, either. In exchange for feeding, bathing, entertaining, and loving this animal unconditionally, the person also gets to pet them. That’s pretty much the deal when you sign on for owning a pet, but thank goodness for pet-lovers! Without humans who are crazy enough to burden themselves with the responsibility of a pet, there would be so many homeless critters out there.

The problem is, pet owners sign up for caring for an animal because they love them, but then they find that they have to give up other parts of their lives, such as taking a guilt-free vacation. If you’ve ever traveled with someone who calls themselves a “dog mom” or refers to their cat as a “fur baby,” then you probably know what I’m talking about. People absolutely hate to leave their animals behind when they go away on trips, and it makes sense. When you’ve been gone all day, and you open your front door, your dog will attack you with love like they thought you’d never come back. (Cats are a little more chilled out about the whole thing, but you can tell they care.) For pet-lovers, leaving an animal overnight, or for multiple days with a stranger, makes them feel like terrible people.

Thankfully, there are ways to get around this. Despite what they might think about the subject, people who own pets are absolutely entitled to a vacation every now and then. In fact, not doing what you love because you’re worried about how it will affect your pet may even cause resentment that you definitely don’t want. Pet care service providers are the answer.

Pet service companies provide so much more than just walking your dog for you when you don’t feel like it. Many of them will board your pet while you’re away, send someone to your house to take care of your pet. Walk ATX Pet Care, for example, offers three different dog-walking packages, which all involve much more than just taking the dog out. The Platinum package offers a personal visit four times a day, in which the employee will walk your dog, feed them, play with them, and also take care of the house by watering plants and taking out the trash.

With opportunities like that, even the most dedicated of pet-lovers can avoid guilt over leaving their pets behind for a few days. People who have experience with full-service pet care always say how much their dogs loved it.