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The Benefits of a Neutral Counselor


When two people get married, they vow to love each other for the rest of their lives. Obstacles can try and get in the way of this. Marriages undergo trials every single day, and every couple has their own way of communicating. Some couples talk about every issue, and others have a more laid-back approach.

Having good communication skills is key for any healthy relationship. This doesn’t just apply to marriage! Friendships and relationships with someone’s family are destined to fail if the people involved don’t even try to work out their differences. Most of the time these different issues can be resolved with a one-on-one talk and a promise to do better next time. Other times, a third party should be involved.

Any person who has a sibling knows that their mom is the best person to go to when it’s time to settle an argument. An unbiased mediator can assess a conflict and offer advice on how to move forward. Friends who have an issue with one another can rely on their friend group when they need help understanding the other person’s point of view.

If someone is too wrapped up in how they see things it can be difficult to think about things from a different perspective. If they can’t see the other person’s perspective, conflict resolution is impossible. Both parties will walk away frustrated and upset, with their relationship worse for the wear.

Of course, it’s not always easy to see both sides of the story. A lot of us struggle to think that there’s any other perspective outside of our own. Romantic relationships are notorious for this.

Emotions run high when someone is fighting with the person that they love, and any bump in the road will feel like a mountain. Different communication methods can mean difficulty in discussing these bumps. If the people in love have different ways of expressing their issues, resolving them is nearly impossible.

A third party counselor is often going to be a godsend for these marriages. Kathleen Snyder MFT is an Austin-based marriage counselor for those in the area who need a little help working things out. A marriage counselor is there to help improve a couple’s relationship.

A counselor will carefully listen to both sides of the coin and take into account any particularly intense areas. Then, they will use their perspective to assess the issue at hand. After doing so, the counselor can offer the advice that they feel best helps with the situation. A third party who has no bias on either person’s side is an invaluable resource. Without taking a side, the counselor offers up help on the relationship and allows both sides to feel heard and respected.

This lack of personal preference makes it impossible for a counselor to pick a favorite, a problem that is often seen when parents and friends of the married couple decide to get involved. Before anything else, consider seeing a marriage counselor if you feel like your marriage might need a little nudge to get back on track.

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